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      Reserving a web address gives you the rights to use that address
   on the internet and uniquely distinguish yourself from others.
   To make your unique web address work,  you will need to use
   a web-hosting provider or ISP to resolve your address. Your
   Web Host Provider / ISP will provide you with web space to
   upload your web pages. This is commonly known as "web hosting" 

   When you subscribe to web hosting service, your ISP will give
   you 2 Name Servers.

   Your ISP will provide you with 2 Name Servers (DNS) and 
   their corresponding I.P. address.  For example:

   All that is required on your part is to enter in your
   2 name servers provided by your ISP through
   your Domain Manager.  The corresponding I.P. addresses
   for those name servers are automatically detected, so you do
   not have to enter those. It is very easy to do.

   So all you will need to enter is:

   Note:  The above name servers are just an example. Please
   use the name server provided to you by your ISP instead.

   What does entering those Name Servers do?

   By entering those 2 name servers, you are basically
   transferring control over to your web host, and leaving it
   up to their name servers to translate your domain
   name correctly on the web every time someone
   types your web-address into the browser URL window.
   So if your ISP doesn't setup their name servers correctly,
   your site wouldn't work.
   After you enter in those 2 name servers provided by
   your Web Host Provider / ISP, the changes will
   propagate through out all the servers in the world
   as they are updates, and your web site should start 
   resolving within a week at most.