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      We decided to make transferring a domain name to another
   person easier for you by allowing you to conduct all this
   yourself without any intervention from us. Since you are using us
   as your Domain Registration provider, your task of transferring
   a domain name to another registrant will be a lot simpler. 
   More details below!

   1.  While Network Solutions and other domain name registration
        companies require both parties involved to fax a whole bunch of 
        long documents to them before processing the request, we
        do not require any of that. We give you the freedom 
        to conduct the transfer yourself, and at your own discretion.
   2.  While other domain registration companies will charge you
        every time a domain name changes owners, we will not
        charge you, or the person you are transferring the
        domain to anything. Transferring ownership is free here, 
        plus the person that you are transferring the domain name
        to will get to keep all your remaining time. This is useful 
        if you want to transfer your domain name to a relative 
        or family member.

   3.  To change your domain's ownership yourself. Simply
        login to Domain Manager, and change the "admin contact"
        and other contact information to reflect the name and address
        of the new owner. Make sure that the new owner's admin email
        address is correct, since this is the only way anyone can receive
        lost passwords. Then give the new owner of the domain name
        your UserName and Password for that domain name. 
        Note Important:  If this domain is managed under a group
        of domain names, please separate your domain name
        from your other "domain profiles" in the group, and give
        that transfer account a separate login and password before
        sending the owner that username and password.

        So How do I move a domain from my main
        profile to its own?

       Click on "Manage Profile" and select "Change Ownership 
       of Domain." Select a new username/password,
       and click on "Change Owner". The domain is now in its own profile,
       with a separate username and password. If you are transferring
       ownership of this domain name, simply send the new username
       and password to the new owner. That is it! Then request
       that the new owner change the username and password for
       that account.   

       Safety Tips:
      1.  Because the owner transfer is between you and the new owner,
           you should document it, just incase of any future disputes.

       2. Draft a simple contract specifying the details of the exchange,
           and have a witness sign it.

       3. Make sure you receive your money before giving out your
           username and password and releasing your domain name
           to a new owner.
       4. Make sure that domain name is part of a "separate"
           domain profile when you give the new owner the
           login and password info. So separate that domains
           profile from all the rest of the domains you own
           before giving out the key.

       4.  For added safety, you should make sure that the 
            new owner's admin email is accessible by him 
            incase he needs to retrieve his lost passwords.

       5.  After funds have been verified. Ask the new owner to 
            change his username and password after the transfer
            for security reasons.