Get the following with every domain registration here:
  • Free domain forwarding / redirection
  • Free URL Masking / Framing with Meta Tag Support
  • Free managed dns services (mx, ip, cname pointing)

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    FAQ - Complete Support Guide:

        Registering a domain name:
        1.  Can anyone register to own a domain name?
        2.  How much does it cost?
        3.  How long does the process take?
        4.  After I'm done, do I own the domain name? 
        5.  Is registering a (.com, .net, .org) domain here the 
             same as registering it a Network Solutions (NSI)? 

        After the registration process:
        1. How do I know if a domain registration completed successfully?
        2. Now that I have my domain,  how do I put it up as a website and use it for email?
        3. I just want to use my domain name for email only. How do I do that?
        4. I have found a hosting company, what do I do?
        5. I already have an existing website, how do I redirect my domain to it?
        6. How do I change my domain information?
        7. How do I add more renewal years after my registration?

        Transferring a domain name:

         1. Can I transfer here from another register and get your rates instead?
         2. I still have time left with my old Registrar... 
             When I transfer to, do I still get
             to keep all my previous registration time? 
         3. How long does it take to transfer here?
         4. What are the requirements for transferring?
         5. How will I know if my transfer is complete?

      Can Anyone register a domain name?

         Yes, anyone is able to register for ownership of
         a domain name. It does not matter what country your
         are from.  Anyone can easily register
         their own a (.com, .net, or .org) website address here
         for present, or future use.   
      How much does domain registration cost?
          Domain registration at is just
          $15.95 per year. There is no hidden fees for reserving
          a domain name. It is very straight forward.
      How long does the domain registration process take?

          Domain registration with is quick,
          and normally takes about 2 or 3 minutes to complete. 
          Once you have registered and paid for your domain name, 
          and after we have verified your payment, you can now be
          the proud owner of the domain name:

      After I register a domain name, do I own exclusive rights to use my domain name?

          Yes, you own the rights to use the domain name for as long as
          the domain name is registered under your name. However, you
          are responsible for making sure that registering the domain name
          will not interfere with any current laws pertaining to domain names
          and its use. For more detail on the rules and regulations,
          read the "ICANN Domain Name Dispute Policy" and our
          "Registration Agreement."
     Is registering a domain name here the same as registering it at Network Solutions?

         Yes, you basically get the exact same product, but at a much
         lower price. Rather than paying $35/yr for domain registrations
         and renewals,  wouldn't it be much nicer to just pay the lower
         $15.95 instead and for the exact same thing?

    How do I know if a domain registration completed successfully?

    Check your domain status using WHOIS Lookup. The
          WHOIS search looks up the record in worldwide
          Internic domain registration database.

    Now that I have my domain,  how do I put it up as a website and use it for email?

          To make your custom domain name work on the web, you'll need to find
          a web hosting provider for web space so you upload/publish your web pages.
          A hosting provider will also provide email service for your domain.
          An example of a hosting provider would be HostSite:

    I just want to use my domain name for email only. How do I do that?
          To get email as,  you will need to find an email provider.
          An example of an email provider that can support webmail and POP3 email service
          through Outlook would be HostSite:

      I have found a hosting company, what do I do?

          Your web hosting provider will probably also provide you with 2-3 DNS nameservers
          and their corresponding IP addresses.

          Now log into Domain Manager using the username and password that you
          chose during your signed up here. While inside Domain Manager,
          click "Change DNS Nameservers' link. On the next page, just replace our
          2 DNS nameservers with those provided by your hosting provider.
          Do not check the 'remove' boxes and do not enter any IP addresses.
          Then click the 'Save Configuration' button. Within 1-2 days
          your domain should resolve to your website / webspace.

         * If your hosting provider assigned you a third nameserver
            use the gray 'Add DNS Nameserver' box on the middle of the page to add it.
            Then click the 'Save Configuration' button.

      I already have an existing website, how do I redirect my domain to it?

          Login to Domain Manager, and then click on "URL Redirection" link.
          Enter in the address of your existing website and choose your redirection type.
          Then click submit.     

     How do I change my domain information?

           You can quickly update any contact or DNS information
           related to your domain name by using Domain Manager. 

     How do I add more renewal years after my registration?

    You can renew now even way before your domain name expires.
           Adding extra registration time simply by login to Domain Manager. 
           While inside your Domain Manager,  you can easily add up to
           a maximum of 10 years. Please note:  the current worldwide
           Internic domain name database will only store 10 years max
           in its record at any given instant. This means that you will not
           get credit for anything that exceeds 10 years.  So if you 
           currently have 2 years left, please don't register anymore
           than 8 extra years for a grand total of 10. 
     Can I transfer here from another domain Registrar and renew at your rates?

          Yes, regardless of where you originally registered your domain name,
          you can renew it at for just $15.95 per year,
          rather than renewing it at $35 at your old Registrar.
          All you have to do is to use our Transfer Tool, and make a simple transfer request.
          You will be required to answer a simple confirmation email sent to the "admin contact"
          listed on your domains contact info. This ensures that you are indeed the owner 
          of the domain name. After that, you gain the choice to enjoy our renewal rates. 
          Click here for more detailed info on transferring, or simply transfer here now.

    I still have domain registration time left with my previous Registrar.
           Do I get to keep all my remaining registration time when I transfer
           my domain to

          Yes, you get to keep all remaining registration time that you currently
          still have with your previous Registrar when you transfer over here.
          You will not lose any existing registration time. Instead we will add
          1 extra year of renewal time upon your transfer here.
          So if you currently still have 2 years left with your previous 
          Registrar, and you transfer here with a 1 years renewal,  you 
          will have a total of 3 years left before your domain expires. 
          You always get the full time with!
          You can verify your domain's expiration date by 
          using WHOIS Lookup. Take a look! 

       How long does it take to transfer and renew here?

          The transfer process is not an instant process. 
          It requires an average of 8-10 days to complete if done 
          correctly.  Thus, it is very important for you to renew as early
          as possible, or you risk losing your chance to transfer
          and renew you domain here. We can not transfer and
          renew domain names that are about to expire within
          10 days or less.  

         1.   Make a transfer request for your domain 

         2.   Approve the transfer confirmation email
               sent by us to your domain's admin contact email. 
               You can look up which email is listed as your
               admin contact by using WHOIS Lookup.

         3.   I
    n order to approve the transfer confirmation email
    you will need to use an authorization (EPP) code.
    You can get the EPP code from the current registration provider
    for that domain.

    Once you've approved the transfer confirmation email
              the transfer should be completed within 7 days.

    Verify that 1 renew year has been added by
              checking your WHOIS record. If your transfer / renewal
              was successful, you should see 1 additional year
              added to the expiration date of your domain's whois
              record. In addition, you should also see
     listed as the new
              "technical contact." The technical contact listed
              does not affect any part of the domain name, it is
              there to serve as a "marking" so you can easily tell
              by looking at your new whois record that you
              are with

         What are the requirements for transferring away from
          Network Solutions to for renewal?
             You Can Not Transfer A Domain If :

        1.   The domain has already been (registered or transferred)
              less than 60 days ago with another registration company. 
        2.   Your previous registrar has the name locked for either 
              non-payment, or at your request.
        3.   The domain has already passed its expiration date
              or is about to expire within 10 days. 
        4.   You do not have access to the registered Admin Contact E-mail
               for your domain, or the person listed on your domain's
              Admin Contact email doesn't approve the transfer within 5 days
              after initial transfer request. 

    Note: You can lookup which email address is on your
            "Admin Contact"  and view the domain's expiration date 
            by using Whois Search! Click Here to Check!

           How will I know if my transfer / renewal is complete?

            Simply do a whois lookup on your domain to see the new record.
            You should see 1 addional year added to your expiration date,
            and see listed as the "technical contact."
            Another way you can tell is by trying to log into Domain Manager
            under your transfer domain name profile.  If you can 
            log in, then it means you're already using us as your new
            domain registration company. 

            Note: It is your responsibility to check your domain's record
            and to make sure the transfer / renewal is completed. You 
            can do this by using "Whois Lookup."  Also most domain
            companies will give you a 30 day grace period after the domain
            name has expired to renew domains before finally deleting it
            from the database if not renewed.