Get the following with every domain registration here:
  • Free domain forwarding / redirection
  • Free URL masking / cloaking
  • Free managed dns services (mx, ip, cname pointing)

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      If You Registered Your Domain Here And Want To Renew:            

         After you happily registered your domain name with , you can now add  extra time to
    your expiration date by login into Domain Manager.  Now,
    while inside your Domain  Manager, you can easily renew 
    your domain name up to a maximum of 10 years, so you 
    do not have to ever worry about the expiration date for 
    a very long time. The price for renewals is just $13.95 per year. 
    After renewing your domain name, you can see whether 
    the extra years has been successfully by checking the
    World-Wide Internic WHOIS LOOKUP database.  

            If You Previously Registered Your Domain ElseWhere
                But Want To Renew at Our $13.95/yr rate instead.

                Yes, you still can! Simply make us your new register,
                and you can start renewing at our rates after the transfer.
                Regardless of where you originally registered your
                domain name, you can use our Transfer Tool to make a 
                request to transfer here for renewal purposes.  If you still
                have time left over from your previous Registrar,  you
                will get to keep all that time, plus we will ADD to the
                existing time you have left.  You always get the full
                time when you transfer to

                Question:  Is there anything hidden with the transfer?
                There is  nothing hidden, and there is no extra charges. 
                We can guarantee this 100%.  The only charge is the 
                standard $13.95 renewal rate for each registration year, 
                instead of the $35 /yr rate that you might have been paying 
                elsewhere. We make everything as simple as possible!
                To get our rates, Transfer Here Now!  Then login to 
                Domain Manager to add more renew years.

               Note:   As you transfer your domain name here, you 
               will still be the owner of the domain name. By transferring,
               you gain the choice to renew at our low rate. Stop
               paying $35/yr when we can give it to you
               for only $13.95/yr. Click Here To Transfer Now!