Get the following with every domain registration here:
  • Free domain forwarding / redirection
  • Free URL masking / cloaking
  • Free managed dns services (mx, ip, cname pointing)

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    About Us - ( DBA: T3 Web Hosting )

    About ( DBA: T3 Web Hosting )

    Established Expertise Since 2000 (24+ years).

    Since Januaary 2000, has been at the forefront of domain registration
    and technical services. With over two decades of experience and knowledge,
    our commitment to excellence has not only been the hallmark of our service,
    but a promise to every client we serve.

    Unrivaled Technical Services - No going around in circles. Know exactly what is going on!

    What sets us apart in the domain registration industry is our unparalleled technical support team.
    Unlike the common industry practice of relying or basic-level technical support that sometimes
    give confusingly wrong answers, we take pride in the staffing of our support center exclusively
    with Senior level Developers / Networking Engineers. This elite team brings knowledge
    in accurate DNS troubleshooting, website error troubleshooting, and understanding of internet networks,
    ensuring that the complexities often encountered by domain owners are resolved promptly and accurately.
    This is why customers that have been with us since 2000, remain customers here.
    Because they understand the value of the skill level they are getting, and the time it saves them.

    Your Time Respected

    We understand that dealing with technical issues can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially
    when you are sent in circles without a clear solution. This is often encountered when dealing with
    inexperienced technical support people with low levels of knowledge. At,
    we eliminate this hassle. Whether you are a tech novice or possess some technical know-how,
    we guarantee straightfoward, accurate answers on your first interaction with us (provided you give
    us the right input to start). Our goal is to save you time and prevent the headaches that often come
    with navigating the intracacies of domain ownership.

    Why Choose Us?

    Customers turn to us and stay with us for a simple reason: trust. We've earned this trust by
    consistently providing accurate, effficient, and expert-level support. With,
    you're not just choosing a service provider; you're choosing a partner dedicated to ensuring your
    online precense is solid, secure, and successful.

    Join Our Community of Satisfied Clients!

    Experience the difference that expertise and commitment can make in our domain registration journey.
    Join the numerous satisfied clients who have made their preferrred choice for
    over two decades.