Note:  This page is for transfering your domain(s)
away from any other domain registration company
so that you can renew those domains here instead for $13.95/yr.
Please transfer here earlier to ensure that you don't lose your chance
to renew at a lower rate. Expired domains are not transferable.

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  If you need to make a "web host transfer" to make your site work
   with your chosen web host provider, this is NOT the correct page to do this. 
   Instead web host transfers are done simply by changing the dns name servers
   listed for your domain in Domain Manager instead. 

   If you have domain names elsewhere and would like to save on renewals,
   and get better customer service, this is the right page for you. Read more below...

Note:  This page is for transferring your domain name away from another
   domain name registration company (example: Network Solutions or others)
   to As you do this, you will not only begin
   to notice a lower renewal bill, but will also begin to experience better 
   customer service from knowledgeable people who strive to answer your
   questions in the quickest time possible. 

   This transfer will renew your domain name for 1 year if the transfer
   is successful. If it fails for any reason,  you will not be charged.
   To make the transfer/renewal work, read the directions below.       

Scroll down, use our transfer tool below
                                to make a transfer request. 
Then remember to approve 2 confirmation
                                emails to make the transfer renewal complete.
                                The first email is sent from us to your 
                                "administrative contact email" listed in your
                                WHOIS record.  The second email will be sent
                                by your previous domain registration company
                                to verify that you want to transfer away. This
                                second email will also be sent to the
                                "administrative contact email" listed in your 
                                current WHOIS record. If you don't know what
                                your "administrative contact email" is,  you 
                                should do a WHOIS search now to find out.

    The success of your transfer / renewal depends on 2 major factors:

     1. ) 
Your ability to approve the confirmation email sent by us
            to the "administrative contact email" listed in the WHOIS record. 

     2. )  
Your ability to approve the transfer-away confirmation email
             sent by your previous domain registration company
             verifying that you want to transfer your domain 
             away from them to 

As a friendly reminder,  if you forget to approve the 
             transfer-away confirmation email sent by your previous
             company, they will simply cancel your transfer from their
             end, and there is nothing we can do about that. So 
             please remember to approve that email or you will either
             have to renew with that company instead, or have to re-submit
             another transfer request here.     

      After you approve both emails as described in steps 1 and 2 above,
      your domain name will be released here, and we will auto-renewed 
      your domain for 1 year. 
Click here to submit a transfer request now.

      Note:   We can NOT renew already expired domains,
                    so it is very important that you transfer early.

The transfer / renewal is NOT instant, so it is very
                    important that you transfer here earlier to make sure
                    everything goes smoothly. The transfer normally takes 
                    six to eight days to fully complete.  
   Note:  Regardless of where you originally registered your domain, 
   you can still transfer here to get our lower rates. However, there
   are just 4 simple conditions that must be met for a domain to
   be transferred successfully.  

You Can Not Transfer A Domain If :

1.  The domain has already been (registered or transferred)
       less than 60 days ago. 
2.  Your previous registrar has the name locked for either 
        non-payment, or at your request.
3.  The domain has already passed its expiration date
       or is about to expire soon in 10 days.
4.  You do not have access to the registered Admin Contact E-mail
        for your domain, or the person listed on your domain's
        Admin Contact email doesn't approve the transfer within 5 days
        after initial transfer request. 

Note: You can lookup which email address is on your
        "Admin Contact"  and view the domain's expiration date 
        by using Whois Search! Click Here to Check!

   Note: Please DO NOT place a transfer request,  if you
   can't meet the 4 conditions above.

There is absolutely no fee for transfers, and transfers
   are always FREE. At the time of your transfer here,
   you will be required to purchase 1 year of renewal registration
   at our current renewal rate of $13.95 per. year. This essentially
   adds 1 extra year to the registration expiration date of your 
   domain. Transfer now, as you are ensured the full registration time,
   and no time is ever wasted with your old registrar. We guarantee it!
   For example: 
If you still have 2 years left with your previous
   registrar, and you get a 1 year transfer renewal now,
   you now have a total of 3 years before the domain expires.
   You will always keep the full registration time along
   with your transfer here. 

   Note:  Transferring a domain here will NEVER affect
   the operation of your website in any way.  There is 
   ZERO down time, since there is absolutely no  
   changes to your DNS.  Use the Transfer Tool below,
   to transfer now, and take advantage of our rates. 

   Transfer Tool:  Transfer A Domain Name Below. 



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   and with just one simple transaction. It quick and convenient.
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 a "comma", or with the "enter"

  Example: (comma separated),,,,

  Ex:  (ENTER key separated)

   Any concerns or questions? We'll be glad to answer them.