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You have just been logged out successfully.
If you did mean to logout, it worked, and you
can just ignore the message below.
Tbe following message only applies if you keep getting logged out of Domain Manager:
Domain Manager requires that you have cookies enabled inside your
web browser for it to work. This means, if your browser can not accept a
cookie to authenticate, it will keep bumping you back to this very page
every time you click on any link inside domain manager.
The solution is to enable cookies.

Heres how to enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the "Tools" menu
2. select "Internet Options" from pull down menu.
3. click on "security" tab
4. click on "custom level" button
Look for cookies and select "enable". Do the following 2 things:
5. select "enable" for cookies that are stored on your computer.
6. select "enable" for allow session cookies (not stored).
7. click "okay button"
8. restart your browser.

Heres how to enable cookies if your using Internet Explorer 6.0:

1. Click on the "Tools" menu
2. select "Internet Options" from pull down menu.
3. click on "Privacy" tab
4. click on "Advanced" button
5. Place Check on:
Override automactic cookie handling
6. Select Accept for both First-party and Third-party Cookies.
7. Click Ok. Ok again, close the program.
Then restart IE 6.0

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